Training from 3SL

COVID-19 statement- for the time being all training and consulting will be performed remotely.  If your particular circumstances require in person support or use of specific technologies for remote work due to security or other policies, please reach out to your 3SL contact to arrange the details.  Thank you for understanding.

3SL wants you to be successful. Sometimes that means knowing what buttons to click in Cradle to customize or use such a powerful and flexible tool.  Sometimes that means helping you formalize a process and plan for implementing systems engineering, requirements management and other methodologies needed to organize your development process.  3SL has worked with companies across this full spectrum and can help you find the right path forward.  Even the best tool requires a good process and the best processes know when to use tools to assist with tracking the details.  Let us help you grab the brass ring.

Cradle Training Classes

3SL offers a range of training programs on our Cradle software designed to create appropriate levels of proficiency across your team. Training classes are usually provided at a customer location.  Classes combine presentation and hands on exercises within Cradle; due to this, class size is restricted to no more than 8 students to ensure everyone receives the support and personal attention needed during the exercises.   Contact us for more information or to schedule a class.

·3-day Cradle User Training

This course is designed to provide a broad brush of knowledge and experience with the most used features and functions within Cradle. The course covers working with text based items, modeling, document publishing, configuration management and schema development.

·2-day Cradle Requirements Management Training

This course focuses on providing a deeper understanding of Cradle’s capabilities related to importing, creating, linking and reporting of text based items.

·2-day Cradle Systems Engineering Training

This course provides an in-depth understanding of modeling within Cradle.

·2-day Cradle Document Generation Training

This course enables proficiency in the development of Cradle Document Generation templates used to merge Cradle project data into properly formatted Word document templates efficiently constructing documentation required for internal, regulatory or customer approval.

·2-day Cradle System Administration Training

This course instructs both IT and project administrators on the configuration and management of a Cradle system and its use.

Custom Training Courses

For some organizations, Cradle is not the only new thing for their team.  As more companies and industries formalize their systems engineering and requirements management processes, there is a greater need to train teams on the methods and benefits of these pursuits.  3SL offers general courses on Systems Engineering and Requirements Management.  Customers utilize these courses as precursors to tool introduction to ensure a strong base on which to implement a new process and tool. These classes are customized to fit the industry and goals of each customer. 

Getting started with SysML?

Are you considering SysML or MBSE in general?  There is a lot to digest and sometimes it can be overwhelming.  3SL can help you not just get started but get productive with SysML with a process that lets you start small and simple then build and take full advantage of what SysML has to offer.  Find out more about our introductory MBSE training options.

Contact us for more information on how to get your team up to speed.