From a little help to ramp up quickly on your new project to full time systems engineers to work Cradle and/or functional engineering tasks, 3SL can make you more successful. 

Establish a Systems Engineering Process

Formal requirements management and systems engineering process are new to a lot of businesses. These can be reasonably simple steps taken to improve tracking and outputs, to all encompassing programs involving structural changes in your business. 3SL has developed the systems engineering processes for a number of organizations across the full spectrum of complexity. Engage 3SL to bring the expertise and objectivity needed to ensure you do things right.

Project Kick-off

If you are bringing in a new tool like Cradle, many times it can take a bit to shift gears and get things setup.  Let 3SL customize Cradle to match your process. 3SL's schema development services ensure that the terms and terminology you use match the forms in the Cradle WorkBench. Documentation needed by management, customers and regulatory organizations can be turned into templates so that when the data is ready - the document is one click away.  Different teams and users have different needs and inputs in your process. 3SL will map start pages, reports and forms for each group making sure everything is organized and easy to find.

Full-Time Support

Sometimes you need a teammate to work along side you for the duration of your project. Let 3SL be the Cradle, process and systems engineer expertise you need to fill in your lineup . With background in aerospace, defense, energy, commercial products and more, 3SL is ready to run in step and let you keep your focus where it needs to be.

Contact us to discuss your needs and find the solution that fits best.