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3SL is the sole North American distributor of Cradle. We provide the software, support, training and consulting you need to meet all requirements and engineering goals.

Cradle – From Concept to Creation

Requirements Management can be daunting. Model Based Systems Engineering and SysML may be new to your company or you may struggle with the process with your current solution. 3SL strives to provide you this powerful tool and the services needed to make the process simple from "Concept to Creation."

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Requirements Management isn't easy. Model Based Systems Engineering and things like SysML may be new to your group. 3SL strives to provide you a powerful tool and the services needed to make the process simple. 

Cradle traces your customer requirements to your design, on through verification and testing. Prefer to start with a high level picture of your system? Cradle's integrated modeling functions let you design your architecture and trace to the rest of your project data easily. Cradle can do a lot. That is where our training and consulting come in to mold Cradle to your process and help you create a path to success. From Concept to Creation, 3SL is here to help get things done!

Robust Requirements Management Features


Single integrated environment to support entire project lifecycle 


Robust system of Multi-Platform yet Single Sign-on with Remote access available


Process supportive yet independent of limiting specifications


Progress tracking, metrics, and document generation


Agile and phase-based processes as well as full lifecycle traceability


Open, extensible databases & external database linking


Integrated project planning from start to finish


Multi-user with version control

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Cradle can do a lot! That is where our training and consulting come in to mold Cradle to your process and help you create a path to success. 

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Our system is comprehensive and may seem complicated. However, we are confident with proper training and onboarding, you will prefer Cradle to your current solution. You may want to ask more about what we offer.

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What is Req MGMT?
Why Do You Need It?
How Do You Organize It?
What is Cradle?
What is Req MGMT?

What is Requirements Management

Requirements Management is an iterative set of activities that help ensure that elicitation, documentation, refinement, and changes of requirements is adequately dealt with during a lifecycle, with a view toward satisfying the overall mission or need in a quality manner and to the customers’ satisfaction.

Whether part of a project management plan or standalone, a Requirements Management Plan (RMP) describes the requirements artifacts, requirement types (including attributes), the requirements management process, and the metrics and tools to be used for measuring, reporting, and controlling changes to the requirements.

Why Do You Need It?

Why do you need Requirements Management?

Every project seeks to meet the needs expressed by groups of people, its stakeholders. The process to capture and precisely express stakeholders' needs produces set(s) of information, such as:
  • Needs, goals and objectives (NGOs)
  • User stories
  • User requirements
  • Concept of Operations (CONOPS)

This data specifies what is needed and not how the needs are to be met. The process will next produce design limits, that express how these needs will be met, as further set(s) of information, such as:

  • System requirements
  • Use cases
  • Analysis or logical models

Narmadha Neelagandan - Designer

How Do You Organize It?

How should you organize your requirements?

To be valuable, this data should be amassed, classified, broke down and refined to permit later stages to happen. This is necessities designing, which applies quality controls to the data sets, including clearness, uniqueness, atomicity, quantifiability and testability. 

In coordinated cycles, these exercises happen all through the task in every emphasis. In different cycles, the exercises happen in a beginning stage, and are persistently looked into. In all cases, partners' requires are once in a while static.

 is everything needed to build information as needs change. It means to track changes, ensure traceability to the sources and uses of the information, and provide reviews that record approval of the information being produced.
What is Cradle?

Cradle is Requirements Management Software, built which large scale engineering projects in mind. It excels at being a comprehensive adaptable solution. It solves several management issues including:

  • User-Definable UIs
  • User-Defined Calculations
  • Compare Against Source Documents
  • Drag and Drop to Reorganize Hierarchies
  • Split Items
  • Change Histories to Keep Track of Item Changes
  • Discuss with Other Stakeholders
  • Overview of your Project