Convincing Others

Systems engineers frequently run into a roadblock. A big one! How do you get approval for systems engineering processes, tools and headcount?When a systems engineer does there job well, they have helped their project avoid overruns and rework.  Convincing others of a cost avoidance is not always easy.  Sometimes it is the numbers but just as frequently it is how the information is packaged and presented to those who control the purse strings. 

We've been there. "Word and Excel have worked for us for years."  "We haven't needed systems engineers in the past, why now?"  Even if you don't plan on using 3SL's Cradle software on your project, we can help you understand the pitch and the detours needed to get past those roadblocks.   You know your company better than we do and you know your projects better than we do so we won't be collecting the data.  We can help you understand how to market your pitch to a CFO, CIO or CEO that doesn't come from an engineering background. 

How you pitch is often more important than what! Contact us to discuss.