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Learn a Simple MBSE Process

Is Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) something new? No, MBSE methods and techniques have been individually practiced by many good engineers and analyst. The problem has been that project management has been obsessed with ‘deliverable documents’ rather than delivering an engineering data/models that can be used to support analyses, end-to-end traceability, and automatically produce the deliverable documents from the data-model.

  • The engineering data-model usually consists of entities, attributes, relationships, and diagrams that specify the system architecture.
  • Remember a diagram (graphical model) is worth a thousand words. These diagrams aid in communicating ideas/concepts among project personnel and the customer.
  • A common misconception is that SysML is required to do MBSE. Not true, but if SysML becomes the standard language used by systems engineers then its use can reduce the many communication issues experienced by project stakeholders.

3SL's Two Day Course

Two days doesn't make you an expert but it can get you a functional understanding on how to make real, useful progress. Let us provide your team with training focus more on getting things done than on this specification over that one.  Don't get me wrong, a specification for modeling can provide structure and consistency but waiting around until you are a SysML expert to start your project won't help in your next progress meeting. Call or email us to schedule - 256-971-9500