Model Based Systems Engineering and SysML

MBSE is growing as the method of choice for defining large projects and SysML is all but the defacto standard as a modeling language.  Cradle supports a broad range of modeling notations and 3SL is here to help you figure out what is right for your team.  We can train your team on the general concepts and benefits of MBSE, generics on the notations and translate this into streamlined methodologies and training to implement in Cradle

SysML Diagram

Integrated Requirements Management and Modeling

Cradle brings a unique option, manage all of your text based requirements, verification items, test cases and the like in the same interface and database as your models.  Create traceability links between your text items and objects on a diagram by simply dragging and dropping.  With Cradle you can show how the object on the model links to the test used to verify a specific requirement, displayed in a hierarchy diagram created with one click. 

More about SysML and how it's done in Cradle

SysML is an essential capability for a systems modeling tool such as Cradle. It is the standard for modeling at the system (as opposed to software) level.

A modeling language consists of elements (things, behavior, constraints, matter, energy, and data that flows through the system), the properties of the elements (e.g., an element’s weight, behavior), the relationships that connect the different elements together, and diagrams used to model concepts, logical behaviors, and structures using the elements. Click here for an overview of SysML and its implementation in Cradle.

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