Cradle software's North American Distributor

Marketing Internship Available

3SL, Inc is a distributor in North America for an engineering software product. With recent corporate changes we are becoming more active in our marketing efforts. 3SL is seeking an intern with an understanding of general marketing concepts, target definition, messaging and their implementation in online marketing arenas such as Google Ad Words.

A successful candidate will have the opportunity to:

·Contribute to and control web presence

·Create and track success of online marketing campaigns

·Assist in developing content

·Develop marketing plans for new product lines

·Customize CRM system and work flows from site to sale


This internship is unpaid. There may be potential for a success based bonus but this should not be expected. Hours can be adjusted to fit your schedule but a reasonably consistent schedule should be kept.  3SL’s needs are flexible – bring what skills you have and we will work together to find success and build your resume.  Internship duration is flexible as well – start as soon as you are ready; stay as long as you are learning.


Contact us at 256-971-9500 or

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